We’re pitching at Venturefest!

Only 18 startups were chosen to pitch at this year’s Venturefest South and, you guessed it, we’re one of them. We can’t wait!

JCC Bowers CEO John Bowers will take the stage at the southern UK innovation summit to present to more than 600 investors our connected car platform, Cobalt Auta.

“The pitchfest at Venturefest is an exciting opportunity to share our vision with highly qualified VCs eager to win in the Internet of Things marketplace,” Bowers said. “Cobalt Auta is only the beginning of our strategy to simplify and advance the smart tech revolution.”

Launching this year, Cobalt Auta has the power to transform any vehicle up to 10 years old into an artificially intelligent, remote controlled, theft protected, WiFi hotspot on wheels. The technology is compatible with as many as 590 million unconnected vehicles worldwide.

With Cobalt Auta, you gain all the capabilities of the latest luxury vehicle and more in your ride today, from remote start to battery-health alerts to real-time crash assistance. And life gets easier with the AI chatbot, Cobie, who learns your routine and optimizes it. The 300 smart features are accessed simply and elegantly on your smartphone. Read more…