CNA Week 2

1 Million Dollar Life Change

A local Virginia man from Madison Heights, Randy Hall won the Virginia lottery scratcher ticket worth $1 million. He found out he won during the snow storm, so he could not officially claim his prize until now. He could either have the $1 million paid out over a 30 year span or recieve $537,393 in cash, and understandably he chose the cash option

Lynchburg mourns “Mr.Radio’s” death

Bob Abbot, known as “Mr. Radio” in the Central Virginia area passed away on Tuesday at the age of 65. He worked in the radio business around Virginia for the better part of 40 years. If you would like to join in a celebration of Abbot’s life the event will be at Hyland Heights Baptist Church on Friday.

Zika Virus Strikes Virginia

The first case of the Zika virus has been spotted in Virginia, but it is believed that it does not have a way of spreading right now because it is not mosquito. It has been recommended that pregnant women should delay travel plans to warmer climates as the virus has been connected to birth defects. Unfortunately, right now there are no ways to prevent this virus, so it will be interesting to see what advance they can make in the next few months before this virus has the chance to go wide spread.