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ISIS uses kids then kills them

No one under the age of 18 is involved according to reports.ISIS says the kids are treated no differently than the adult soldiers, but that is in question.One kid pictured in the article apparently blew himself up.

Contraceptives could help slow the Zika Virus?

According to the Pope, he says contraceptives are ok to use even though the church has not been pro birth control for years. He compared what the mafia does to what it a person would be doing to avoid pregnancy. These comments could have major effects according to the reports, for people in Latin America and also in the United States

Sanctions coming N. Koreas way from the U.S.

Obama signed a bill, earlier this week regarding the tests of nuclear weapons as well as some cyber hacking. Republican president candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio both voted in favor of the passing of the bill earlier in February. According to the reports anyone working with North Korea on the nuclear weapon front is at an impasse at the moment as their assets have been frozen because of the bill.

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