Faculty in Plane Crash

§ Who? Professor of rural sociology John Dumont Associate professor of English George Johnson

§ What? Jet crashed

§ Where? Kennedy International Airport

§ When? Thursday night

§ Why? Returning from two separate Conferences in New York

§ How? Crashed on takeoff at the airport

Lead: A jet crashed at Kennedy International Airport Thursday night, 5 of the 45 passengers were killed and 2 were injured.

Meeman Speaks

§ Who? Winner of Pulitzer Prize Norman Meeman

§ What? A speech to English students

§ Where? William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library

§ When? Sunday

§ Why? He is a noted author and was giving these English students advice

§ How? Pulitzer Prize winner for his book, My Life as Far as It Goes. That is what lead to this opportunity for him to speak

Lead: Pulitzer Prize winner Norman Meeman had the opportunity to give his personal advice to mostly English students at the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library.

Professor Wins Award

§ Who? Professor of Horticulture, Clement Crabtree

§ What? Annual George Washington honor medal handed out

§ Where? Valley Forge

§ When? In Pennsylvania last week

§ Why? Ceremony of its annual George Washington Honor Medal winners

§ How? Crabtree won the award at least some in part because of his essay “Plan for Peace”

Lead: The annual George Washington Honor Medal was handed out to 32 highly deserving winners.

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