News Project #2

CoffeeHouse: A Tradition like no other

The angle is to go into the history of CoffeeHouse and how it has turned into such a big event around campus the past couple of years. It means a lot to the students as some get the opportunity to put their talents on the main stage for their classmates for a night. For the students in the crowd, we get the opportunity to make life long memories with friends.

This is a great topic for being online because each CoffeeHouse we get it trending on twitter, so I can embed tweets from that special night on campus Saturday, along with soundbites from students and pictures before and during CoffeeHouse. The students always rave about this event and this weekend we throw it back to the legends in the world of dance of music. Social media, videos, pictures and sound bites will be vital for this project.

  • History of CoffeeHouse
  • How it has evolved over the past few years
  • Brings campus to life till the early morning
  • Saturday is the theme “Legends”
  • Interview students: Each class level
  • Interview a Employee that has experienced many coffee houses over the years (Jerry Falwell?)

Hyperlinks could include tweets from students using the hashtag that night.

Hyperlink to Liberty Student Activities website

hyperlink past funny videos created for coffeehouse on youtube

Audio/Video: Interview students at coffeehouse and also capture pictures outside with the line to get into coffeehouse and also images of performances and videos of performances at coffeehouse.