Birthday (21)

My birthday began by waking up and being thankful that I've made it 21 years. Then while cutting the lawn an hour later like I had all summer I realized I’ll probably pay someone to do that from now on. Or buy a riding mower.

Yesterday was great. I had wanted to go to a few RVA breweries for as long as I’ve been underage. Ardent Craft Ales and Hardywood Brewery were on the top of my list! But alas they are closed on Tuesdays. So my father and I began our tour at Strangeways Brewing where the guy DIDN’T EVEN CARD ME! Oh well. So I tasted a few Belgian style ales and a fruity peach saison.

Next, we ventured off the the semi-legendary Legend Brewery in Manchester. There we were met by the Lambrechts, my brother and mother. They have a fantastic view of the Richmond skyline and decent beer (Legend Golden Ale). It was a nice last dinner in the States.

After nice conversation and some French/Belgian tips from the Lambrechts my parents and I went to Triple Crossing Brewing Company. There we had a small flight and enjoyed ourselves until the novelty wore off.

My favorite part of the evening was visiting a new Richmond establishment, Greenleaf’s Pool Room. I was very impressed with the atmosphere and unimpressed with the subpar pool my parents and I played.

Throughout the day I received many nice texts and a few letters for my birthday. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have so many people genuinely care about me.

I’m finishing up packing now and heading to Dulles soon!

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