Meet NativeKin; Uniting of an Aristocratic Group of Musicians

Every performance showcases strong-wielded vocalists within the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids — best known as NativeKin.

A musical group composed of two sisters, Isabel Zittle and Kaitlyn Zittle; known for writing and composing their very own songs. Sharing their love and passion for the art of music in the ever-buzzing city of fine arts.

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​This past weekend, the sisterhood as well as their brother Josiah Zittle and Kiera took to the streets and performed nearside Rosa Parks Circle. Within minutes, people joined in to admire the performers and bob their head along to the songs.

Now with Isabel and Kaitlyn on vocals, Josiah on guitar, and Kiera on a boxed-drum; the well-tuned group sparks a crowd before the sunset makes an appearance over the Grand River.

Before the evening was over, I had the chance to speak with the musical number and learn a little about them. Interesting Fact: The little sister Kiera is almost taller than their oldest sister Isabel. Besides the height difference, they all are high-spirited, energized when performing at any location. Whether it’s in Downtown Grand Rapids at Rosa Parks Circle or in Paris during the beautiful season of Autumn.

As the Summer quickly approaches, their lineup of events, performances, and travels begin to stack up.

​In addition, they will be starring in an upcoming short film by the Founder of JCM Urban himself, Louis Smith. An entire film dedicated to scooping out street performers in Grand Rapids and surround cities.

Until then, follow NativeKin on social media for up-to-date information and stay tune for the short film as well.

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