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OmniCharge Connected to a Solar Panel and a Nikon DSLr

​In the past years, I’ve tested and reviewed multiple rechargeable portable batteries that featured built-in features, such as:
 > Standard USB 2.0 Port
 > Standard USB 3.0 Port
 > LED Flashlight

​But never have I known a company to include a 3-Prong AC/DC socket as well as an integrated smart charging system. That’s until now by the company OmniCharge that will be launching their product within 22 days and counting. Matter of fact, they’re offering 50% on launch day for those who sign up early via their website.

It’s elegant, simple, and resourceful; the ability to charge our devices while being away from the home and car. No matter if it’s a laptop, a personal smart device, or something along those lines. That’s all great and dandy, but what about recharging the device itself. According to the Company, it’s able to be recharged with any common charger. And unlike their competitors, it’s able to charge devices and itself all at the same time. I love it!

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OmniCharge Connected to an Apple MacBook Pro

​Like I mentioned earlier, there’s a built-in patented power management system to give you all the information and details you need to know about the OmniCharge. Itself informs you about the battery charge level, the temperature, incoming and outgoing voltage level as well as the time left until a full charge. And a full charge can be conducted within two hours. What does this means for us, the consumers?
 > Apple MacBook Pro — Approx. 7 hours
 > Apple MacBook Air — Approx. 13 hours
 > Smartphones — Approx. 9 times

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