What Will Make (or Break) Apple at the WWDC 2016 Keynote

Apple WWDC 2016

​Every year, the Tech Giant best known as Apple showcases their new and update product(s), software, or/and hardware at a specified keynote — WWDC 2016. This year, it will take place in San Francisco on Monday, June 13th.

Even thought the keynote speaks on whether or not our rumors are true, lately we’ve been spot on thanks to those exact rumors and leaks.

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​Either way, we’re expecting for Apple to update the public on iOS and OS X. In the past, the keynote highlighted very significant features about their mobile and desktop platforms. Opening up BETA versions to developers before finagling shipping the finish product out in September to the public

Updates to WWDC 2016

iOS 10

Mobile Platform

There’s word that Apple will be unveiling a new mode known as ‘Dark Mode’; it’s a unique way of hiding built-in apps (only for default apps). Also, there could be a new ‘Home’ app that will give you the ability to access and control all of your HomeKit-enabled apps from your iPhone (i.e. ‘Health’).

Android could be receiving Apple’s messaging app, iMessage. This will be extremely helpful for those who wish to create iMessage groups even if you own an Android device. Perfect for families that are split the two ecosystems. This feature is way overdue and seems like Apple is playing ‘catchup’ with Facebook’s messaging app like ‘Messenger’.

Siri on Mac OS (Concept)


Voice Assistant

Even though Apple was the first company to introduce a person assistant in handsets, Siri, they’re still lacking against Google Now and Amazon’s Alexa. Within their updated mobile platform, we’re expecting for Siri to better understand us, answer quicker, and use context as much as possible.

Recently, they purchases a tech company, VocallQ, that gives Siri the ability to remember what you said for about five minutes and better refine its answer.

OS X 12 on MacBook 12-inch (Concept)

OS X 12

Desktop Platform

​To follow suite with their mobile lineup, they will be dropping the ‘X’ and renaming it as MacOX 12. Simply as that. With the addition of adding Siri (v.2.) to the platform living within the Finder bar.

An updated and improved version of iTunes will be releasing as well to better deal with the takeover of those pesky bugs. And for kicks, you’ll be able to unlock your Mac via TouchID on your iPhone. There may be a chance that a TouchID sensor will be added to the MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro


Once again, the Company is looking to slim down the laptop while installing the latest Intel Processors. If so, they will be installing USB-C ports in replacement of the USB port, an HDMI port, and even the MagSafe port.

Like similar rumors, we shouldn’t expect to see the updated MacBook Pro at the upcoming keynote; sadly, the updates for the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini won’t be making an appearance either.