But would they really or are they just caught up in the moment?
Adrian Wajer

I don’t think they were just caught up. Outside of Lebron it’s hard to see how many other players you could really start a franchise with right now. If you had to list 5 I think you’d be hard pressed to find a list that didn’t include Westbrook. Some others could include Harden and Kwahi but both are system players. Even though they’re exceptional we have no idea how Kwahi would do outside of the Spurs system and we know that Harden wasn’t doing nearly as good as he is now before D’antoni. Russ is better than Wall and Isiah who could also come up in conversation. Davis can’t carry a team. Blake never could and Klay isn’t that kind of player. So that leaves Curry and Lillard. Now there’s a debate.

Russ is doing what Kobe and AI did with him carrying his team and although his career may end up looking more like AI than Kobe it’s not like he put himself in the position he’s in. Let’s see what the OKC front office does. Remember the Warriors don’t have the money to keep everyone…

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