#WeAreAllMigrants is an interactive and inclusive platform that champions positive messages about migration and integration, challenges racism and xenophobia and promotes an inclusive dialogue about identity and values in society.

Organisations can join the #WeAreAllMigrants platform to promote individual campaigns and aims, such as anti-racism campaigns, pro-refugee campaigns, and campaigns supporting the rights of EU migrants following the referendum.

Together we can provide an open and inclusive platform for all those shocked by the upturn in racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric in the UK.

We encourage members, individuals and organisations to get on board and share their own stories, support and campaigns using this united message, in order to build on the movement around this inclusive message.

Standing together with migrants

Last year, in the run up to the UK general election 2015, JCWI ran the ‘I am an Immigrant’ campaign, which put forward positive images of migrants and challenged the negative rhetoric surrounding migration. This involved a national poster campaign and an online platform where people could create their own posters. In collaboration with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the global ‘i am a migrant’ platform launched later that year. We have since then launched the ‘I am a Refugee’ plaque campaign, recognising the amazing and unique contributions of refugees to life in the UK.

We believe it is vitally important to promote positive stories of UK migrants and their families, in order to humanise the debate and give migrants a voice to tell their own story, highlight the diversity and vast contribution they make to the UK and challenge prejudice.

In light of the continuing refugee crisis, and in response to the growing xenophobia and hate crime in the UK following the 24th June EU referendum result, we want to bring these campaigns together, and to give everyone in the UK, both migrants, children of migrants and descendants of migrants, a voice. We want to show that migrants are part of the fabric of British society and encourage people from all walks of life to stand together with migrants in order to challenge racism and xenophobia.

Why #WeAreAllMigrants?

In light of recent events and in order to consolidate past campaigns, JCWI is promoting the #WeAreAllMigrants movement, demonstrating that migrants are part of the fabric of British society. The movement encourages people from all walks of life to stand together with migrants and refugees, challenge racism and xenophobia and promote fairness and justice in immigration and asylum law and policy.

#WeAreAllMigrants is an interactive and inclusive platform that sends a positive message about migration and integration, by talking about the humans hidden behind the “migrant” label, and helping people to understand that we are all connected to migrant stories.

#WeAreAllMigrants has been developed by the actor and musician Pedro Caxade. Using art and social media to connect in a fresh way with a younger generation, his small team have created a catchy music video with a powerful message, as well as a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts to promote #WeAreAllMigrants.

Many people have spoken out in support of migrants in the UK, including European migrants and refugees. This has been shown through touching acts of solidarity, such as giving flowers to European neighbours, as well as messages on social media shared through hashtags such as #PostRefLove, #MoreInCommon and #RefugeesWelcome. We believe that there is a huge amount of support for a more positive and inclusive message, as well as support for a fairer and more humane policy towards migrants and refugees. What is needed is a single, unifying message and social platform that people can get behind to show their support and welcome for all migrants, share their own stories and thereby challenging negative perceptions and rhetoric. #WeAreAllMigrants allows everyone to take part.

What does #WeAreAllMigrants stand for?

  1. Influence the narrative on migration to create a more positive message with a human face
  2. Show support for those who feel targeted by racism and xenophobia
  3. Give a voice to people who do not feel that their positive views on migration are represented by the mainstream media and politicians and allow them to challenge prejudice
  4. Provide a unified message that both migrants and supporters can get behind to show support for individuals, as well as wider campaigns
  5. Open a discussion about identity and integration
  6. Educate people about the contributions migrants have made, historically and currently
  7. Put pressure on politicians and the media to support more progressive policies and stop scapegoating migrants

How can you get involved?

  • #WeAreAllMigrants have created a short video showing how to join the movement: https://youtu.be/gbNl2A6SfX0
  • Share your story or your family’s story, as well as messages of support and solidarity, through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #WeAreAllMigrants and @WeAreAllMigrants (Instagram) and @Werallmigrants (Twitter)
  • Check out the music video Emigrante by Pedro Caxades https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89K_vhm4kcc
  • Promote campaigns that seek to challenge racism and xenophobia, promote the rights of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers using the #WeAreAllMigrants hashtag

Weekend of Events

Pedro Caxade and #WeAreAllMigrants are organising a weekend of art and events at Gallery S O in Brick Lane, London on 3rd and 4th of September.

The artist’s collective 1668 has created videos, happenings and installations in response to current issues around migration, under the title “I’M FROM HERE”. Their work responds directly to themes of borders, identity and place, and will be a great starting point for lots of interesting discussions.


  • 1pm on Saturday: to open the weekend artists Andrés Montes and Mario Cruz will be talking about the work and their practice.
  • 4 pm on Saturday: there will be continuous screening sessions of ‘Emigrante’ by Pedro Caxade and 1668’s performance piece I’M FROM HERE.
  • 4-6pm on Sunday: drinks and music to close the weekend.

You can check out the event on Facebook here.

‘Refugees Welcome Here’ march

On 17th September, Solidarity with Refugees, together with a number of leading refugee and human rights organisations and faith groups, are holding a march in London to call on the Government to do more to help refugees and asylum seekers, both within the UK and in other countries.

The march begins at 12.30pm at Park Lane.

JCWI will be marching with other organisations under the message #WeAreAllMigrants, alongside the official message #WeStandWithYou

You can read more about the event here.

Originally published at www.jcwi.org.uk on August 5, 2016.

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