My name is Jazmin and I love VR

Selfie on left is my avatar in High Fidelity. Selfie on right is me in Disneyland

Hey! Hi! Hello!

I’m glad you’re here. This is where I introduce myself and explain why I started this project on Medium. In a nutshell, I want to talk about things I love. That includes:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Art
  • Beauty
That’s me shaking someone’s hand in VR

Let’s begin. My name is Jazmin Cano!

I love VR (Virtual Reality). I discovered VR many years ago. The moment I tried it is when I knew that was the technology I’ve been waiting for. I just didn’t know it existed! Ever since then, it’s been a goal of mine to explore it as much as I could.

I always wanted a place to escape to. I wanted a place that I felt happy in. This is something I’ve been wanting since I was a little girl. Now, with this awesome technology, I’m able to escape the physical reality and dive into virtual worlds, create art to be immersed in, and explore much more. (I also play around with AR (Augmented Reality) sometimes, but VR is my life!)

There’s a problem though. Every time I get out of an HMD (head-mounted display), I’m worried about how I look! My top questions are:

  • How’s my hair?
  • Is my makeup okay?
  • Do I look okay?

If you’re thinking, “Who cares?” then obviously the answer is me. I care! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

There are more people out there that also care about their looks being affected by these devices. That’s why I decided I’d share my experiences in case others were interested in them too.

If you can relate to this and are excited by it…Hey! Hi! Hello! I’m glad you’re here. Hopefully you join me in this journey and we can share tips & tricks with each other for the greater good of looking good.

You can find me on Twitter at @JC_3D. Let’s chat there!