Virtual Reality + Hair

Yay! You made it. Here I’ll share thoughts on hair + VR (Virtual Reality) devices. If your hair is like mine

Virtual Reality + Hair

Where do I begin? Let’s start an annoying thing before getting to the fun stuff.

Back in 2016, I attended a VR Hackathon in San Francisco. My team won 4 awards that weekend ❤ It was awesome! What wasn’t awesome was when my hair got tangled in the Oculus Rift headphones. Like, SO badly tangled, my teammate had to cut my hair!

I learned that I wasn’t alone. 3 people replied to this tweet sharing that they experience this as well. Thankful to know others knew my pain. Sad to know that others have to deal with this too.

Now you see why I set out on a mission to find hairstyles that work. The hackathon hair incident sucked and I don’t want that to happen again.

For the record, I still deal with this. I’m trying to escape it, but sometimes I can’t. This pic is from March 2019.

It’s really hard to look cute after getting out of VR. I’m going to try to look cute anyway.

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My Oculus Rift with a bow on the strap featured in the image above