VR Blush Makeup look

Let me tell you about an issue I used to deal with, then let me show you what I do about it now.

I used to feel self-conscious about my face after doing VR. The issue was that my blush did not look good with the redness of my HMD (head-mounted display). The combination of shapes and colors on my cheeks were constantly fighting for attention, so I decided to embrace the red line look and make my blush match its placement. Now, after I get out of VR, my blush looks fine!

The process at a glance

VR Blush

This one’s a blush application that mimics the redness I get after doing a lot of physical activity in VR.

Here are the 3 steps to achieve this look:

  1. Know where your HMD (Head-mounted display) leaves lines
  2. Grab a red blush to color in where your HMD leaves your face red
  3. Blur and soften the edges of the blush

Watch my short (2 mins and 10 seconds) video tutorial on how I do VR blush.

You can try it out too! I’ve only tried this on myself, so your mileage may vary. I have warm undertones and light-medium combination skin. It should work for people with similar complexions. For people who have different skin types and tones, experimentation may be needed. If you try it, I hope you have fun with it!

Be sure to tweet a pic using the hashtag #VRBlush.

Here’s the VR blush vs. how I end up looking after spending 50+ minutes in VR. Blush is in place!

Before you go, check this tweet out :)

It’s where Jen Dowding tweeted back “Officially changing my terminology from “VR Face” to “VR Blush””! Can’t get a better name than that.

These pics are from that same day in March 208. The VRBlush is subtle, and that’s a good thing!