NBA Playoff 2015.

There is no small team.

There is no easy series.


Because playoff it’s about pace. And every series has its own pace. Against an specific team you might going to have to play more defense and that will do it , but versus other team you might have to put on a great offense or in the worst of the cases both. Nothing is for granted.

In the case of Cleveland as of this moment they know that their defense is crappy.. If they don’t fix it they won’t win a championship this year.. East teams are watching Bulls, Hawks..

Well on the west side whoever gets to the final this year is going to get here very tired because that is real war over there… so for the east to win the championship they have to sweep as many series as possibles ( Hawks, Clev, Bulls ) and use west side teams fatigue as the real weapon against them.

Its about :

Team Chemistry ( like Hawks, Memphis and Golden State )

Pace and fatigue distribution

A super star won’t define the championship..