A series of articles by various technologies of JavaScript for beginners.

As I have been publishing articles, I have realized two things:

  1. The articles on general topics such as ‘everything you need to know’ of the various technologies that currently exist within the JavaScript world, are very popular.
  2. The post complex require previous instruction through other articles, that is to say a step by step to reach a deep topic of research in the field.

What is certain is that all of them, even though we are engineers, developers, or lovers of the development, what we want to see is more tangible things and less concepts from the bowels of JavaScript, which in fact serve to show the power of this language and the different implementations that can be applied.

Personally I prefer know about topics very advanced JavaScript. Understand how is that actually works this language and the amount of tricks and shortcuts that you have is a lot of fun. There would be nothing strange for me, in a future have the opportunity to create a master’s thesis based on my own JavaScript framework. But to explain topics in this style you might not be as productive or easy to transmit.

Therefore during the next few weeks, i will be publishing a series of articles on the different JavaScript technologies that currently exist:

The first article will display everything you should know of AngularJS, through the creation of a web page (SPA) with basic functionality.

In the second article, I want to explain the benefits and what you should be aware of this awesome framework of JavaScript in the same way through the creation of a web page.

The third article, will be a debate topic and it is that I have to keep in mind when choosing between AngularJS or EmberJS for your application.

The fourth article, shows the advantages it provides you the DOM use this library of JavaScript created by Facebook.

Finally an article about what you should never stop learning. The new standard for JavaScript by Mozilla. Bearing in mind that people of Mozilla created this language.

I hope you’re attentive and you can follow my articles with enthusiasm and great interest :-).