The law is an ass!

Put yourself in this situation:

You spend all day at work and then go home. You find a steel cable across the driveway and a tractor blocking the access. Walking round the obstructions you find a padlock on your door. You can’t get in. You’re chased away by a man with a shotgun. You do manage to collect your dog. You go to the police for help. They tell you they can’t act without you seeing a magistrate first. It’s too late at night for that so you have to spend the night in a hotel and buy clothes for the next day.

The next day you go to work again and arrange to see a magistrate after work. He instructs the police to help you. There’s no-one there but the cable is still across the road, the tractor is still blocking access and the padlock is still preventing access to your home — a trailer. There’s a note on the door saying ‘Guns are in Knoxville’

The man who is preventing access is a felon. He isn’t allowed to have guns. He has no licence or insurance yet his vehicle isn’t there. Despite what you say the police can’t act without you seeing the magistrate again — again too late for that.

You spend a second night away from home, this time with friends. The next day you see another magistrate who tells you you may cut the cable, tow the tractor and recover your trailer home. You arrange with friends to get cutting gear and towing vehicle. You arrange for the police to meet you at the site. This all takes time — you’ve now been homeless for a week. You’ve had hotel fees, court fees, extra clothing and food to buy — all unexpected and you now have no money.

At the appointed time everyone is at the site. There’s no one there but there’s a ‘No trespassing’ sign. The police tell you you need a court order from a judge this time and won’t allow you to cut the cable.

You make the necessary arrangements and scrape together the needed fees. This takes time. You find your court case will be in a month! You stay in hotels, with various friends and even spend a night in your vehicle. You apply for legal aid only to find you earn just enough to prevent that. On the day of your case you arrive with documents proving ownership and find your opponent there with a lawyer. Despite the fact that you took out a loan to pay for the trailer, personally handed over the cash for it and got the title to it, he claims he paid for it and has a letter from the previous owner to say so. The court case is adjourned for a month.

Another MONTH! By the time you go to court again you’ll have been homeless for three months! Despite your opponent being a known felon, having guns in his possession, driving without a licence or insurance and stealing your $3,000 home and all your possessions including a hand gun, the law won’t act quickly. You have extra living expenses which eat up your cash and prevent you being able to pay for a lawyer.

All this has happened to Connie Deavers in Sevierville, Tennessee. She’s in a desperate situation, homeless with no money despite working a full time job. She’s paying a loan she took out to pay for her trailer home and unable to live in it. It’s possible she may lose everything she owns and the law won’t do anything and is dragging it’s heels.

Dickens Mr Bumble was right — THE LAW IS AN ASS!

Want to help? Connie’s next court date is early November.
Link to more details —
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