7: Memory Overload
Victor Wu

The necessity of “writing down” or “document” happenings or rules or whatever originate from limitation of human brain and the simultaneous overwhelming information flow and exchange along the course of human civilization development. One question I would like to ask is: according to biological or cognitive research, human brain has far less been utilized, i.e. human being can memorize much more stuff than what we usually think, and can do more complicate and tedious computation. But any biological factor to limit human capacity in this regard? Is it genetic? Or again because our ancestor did not need to memorize nor calculate that much, so our genetic codes does not prepare us to do so nowadays? How does the memory and computation capacity of a modern human being compare to one living a few thousands years ago?

It is undoubtedly that human civilization is already in digital era. The use of computer is now already in a stage that we are teaching our kids to do computer programming, i.e. write something (caller commands) in an understandable manner by a computer (called syntax). We are “borrowing” another “brain” called computer to assist us to handle daily affair and record and document what happens everyday. Now is computer language, what is the next skill that our kids need to learn in order to solve our limitation of brain power and information overwhelm ?

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