Take the first step and Initiate things.

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We have entered 2016 and I hope by now you have reflected back on your 2015 journey, accounting your highs and lows throughout out the year and also painted a well thought out plan for 2016. If not, do it now.

The reason I ask you to so is because this highlights your efforts towards your goals. To be honest it reflects on your past decisions which were not in alignment to your goals. As in business, at the end of each financial year we take into the accounts all the KPI’s ( Key Performance Indicators :P ) and course correct your future plans.

The world class players, entrepreneurs, athletes , artists reached their current level of wealth, happiness and fame because they took the initiative. They took that first leap toward their goal and were not waiting for the right signal. They believed in them. They were aware their success totally depends on their work. They pushed themselves at each and every second. Leaving no room for mediocrity. Their path was to achieve greatness and it required the first step.

Seth Godin has rightly said it “ Initiative is not given, you take it !! “

You have to take that first step. Do not wait for that sacred moment where you will be handed your purpose or task. You want to be a tennis star, take your bum out of the couch just go and practice. You want to be master marketer, just get up initiate things start with the ideas and implement. Do not randomly stick to the goal and wait for the holy moment. That surely doesn't help.

To remind you, Google was first commissioned as a college project. Facebook was Facemash. Apple was started in garage manufacturing keyboards. TOMS was started with a small shop in Argentina. Now they are global movements. Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs all took the initiative of creating things.

You may be not be the most talented or gifted person on earth, but your continuous initiative process will lead you far ahead than talented or gifted individuals.

Imprint this word and behaviour — “Take the Initiative” to your subconscious.


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