I’m not saying I own the world. I don’t run the world, despite what Beyonce tells me. But, there are some things in this world I like to stake my claim on. I’d like to call it ‘Christopher Columbusing’. Meaning—I like to take things that already exist and make them mine…I’m sure that term is already been made up and therefore I am Columbusing that word, but whatever—moving on.

I have a twin sister. I understand that sharing is caring. Along with having a twin sister, there are certain things in this world that you just want to make ‘yours’. They are YOUR thing. It is what makes you, you. I was under the assumption that there was just a mutual and unspoken rule that certain things in this world are just yours and other things are other peoples. Sure, you can both LIKE the same thing but ultimately there is a winner and it doesn’t have to be established and said aloud, it’s just known. If someone were to start talking about that subject or whatever, everyone would say collectively “Ohhhh—Jenn LOVES that. That is her jam. That is her THING!”

As I have gotten older, and this whole ‘Hipster Revolution’ has begun, it’s like getting harder and harder to stake claims on things. Everyone wants to be the FIRST person to like something or the person who has liked it the longest, or they used to like it and now its too main stream and uncool to like. Oh, you think you LOOOooOve the Lion King? Yeah well, did you go see it opening day in theaters? Did you pass 7th grade Spanish because you were able to ‘translate’ the film when you really just had the entire script known by heart? Like, everything is a competition and everyone wants to either like something from the 90's the most, or they want to discover something.

I get pretty emotionally and irrationally upset when someone tries to take my things. Especially my jokes, or sayings, or thoughts and ideas. But mainly when someone tries to say they like something more then me. If someone challenges me— for no reason— I feel threatened that I need to defend my stuff. I’m going to throw a tantrum over it. I’m not going around publicly stating that NO ONE else can like the things I like. I have made some of my best friends on common ground because we both love a certain thing and we SHARE that love. We don’t fight over it. It’s when someone tries to start a battle over who likes it the MOST is when I get upset. I feel they are over compensating for something and do not have the commitment to the subject and therefore I must defend my honor.

For example: I love X-Men. My friend also loves X-Men. We both love X-Men. But—she loves Bobby Drake Iceman and I love James Logan Howlett Wolverine. It’s OUR thing. Make sense? I’m sure it doesn't. But it does.

Someday’s I just want to make a list of all of my things and if someone tries to say I’m copying them it’s like “NO, SEE HERE. I wrote this list back on June 6, 2014. Here is the PROOF I’ve loved it the most for the longest!”

I don’t know what I’m trying to say. I guess I’m just trying to say is, I have my things, you have your things. We can like the same things, just don’t try and tell me you like my things more. Okay? And if you think you do like my things more, just keep it to yourself so I can keep a peace of mind.

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