Riding the bench

So far this season, I have had to sit on the bench during two basketball games. A few teammates and I have had to do this together and so far it’s been a terrible experience. Having to sit and watch as your teammates are out there gives me a sickening feeling that only those who have experienced it will know. All of the hard work you put in is for nothing in that moment. Everytime someone messes up, you wish you could go out there and play better. Everytime someone does something good, it’s hard to celebrate because you know you’re not actually out there with them.

Sports are basically half of my life, so not being able to play basically kills me on the inside. But not only am I not allowed to play in basketball games, I am also not allowed to run in my indoor track meets. I can’t get better in the sport that I’ll be playing in college. I have to constantly get better and improve my times but because of this I can’t and because of this I may not get noticed by some coaches. Not being able to play may look like just an inconvenience on the outside, but it’s terrible experience that I wish on no athlete.

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