Stuart Scott

Although I should have written this post last week, I still feel the need to write it now because of it’s significance.

We often associate certain things with other things. Like when you smell salt and you think of the ocean, when it’s warm out and you think of summer or when you’re tired and miserable and it reminds you of hell, I mean school. We all do this, these things are apart of what we associate them with. I’m saying this because ever since I first watched ESPN, I’ve always associated Stuart Scott with the network. Whenever I’d turn the TV to channel 24(ESPN’s channel for me), I’d eventually wind up hearing Stuart Scott’s voice or seeing him. He wasn’t just any other sports broadcaster either. He always brought a level of smoothness, humor, and professionalism. He had phrases and sayings like no other. Stuart Scott meant a lot to me as I grew up watching ESPN and not hearing him or seeing him is going to be tough. Sports have always been a big part of my life and he was always someone who made sports that much better. Stuart became a part of my childhood because of my constant watching of ESPN. So as Stuart dies, so does a little part of my childhood. Which makes me realize that times are changing and as we grow older we begin to lose the things we love. Nothing lasts forever, and although I wish Stuart Scott could’ve broadcasted sports until the day I die, I am glad he’s in a better place.

RIP Stuart Scott 7/19/1965–1/4/2015

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