A simple framework to understand value and complexity in consumer IOT products

This article was written in collaboration with Brent Engels and Shelly Walbert.

For consumers, meaningful products exceeded expectations and positivity shape behavior and emotion.

As IOT products, systems, and networks slowly become more integrated into our lives and embedded into our environment, our expectations for these products is simple: we want them to do stuff for us — to make our lives easier, safer, and more efficient. And for these products to sustain, they must do it just as good or even better than we can and with minimal input. Today, there might be a few IOT products approaching this state of meaningful, sustainable utility, but unfortunately most simply fade away. This…

Taking the Apple Watch for a test drive.

What if you could experience a little bit of the Apple Watch today? Wouldn’t you love to try one out to gain some unique insights, help you design better experiences, or even help you decide if you’re going to buy one?

We now know Apple will be releasing their Watch in April. While we wait, there continues to be a lot of speculation about why consumers will fall in love with this new product category, which of the features will prove to be the most valuable and how brands, applications, and services can take advantage of this exciting new wearable platform.

This week, I was able to attend a panel in Portland on the future of wearables. About half way through, it dawned on me that not one of the four panel members or moderator had…

John Cross Neumann

I'm a designer in Portland Oregon. www.johncrossneumann.com

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