A World of Shame, It’s Time to Ring the Bell.

I am an American Sailor, never mind the fact that the last time I reported for duty was nearly ten years ago. I served my country’s Navy Combat Team for four years, having joined up almost exactly four months after some cowardly religious zealots decided to engage in some impromptu architectural redesigning of the New York City skyline with commercial passenger planes, but was delayed due to a relatively doughy outer appearance.

I am deeply proud of my service, as well as that of my family, who have for almost two hundred and forty years fought and bled to preserve this Great Experiment called The United States.

I am a patriot, through the myriad notions of service, love, and history.

A history of victory over oppression, of doing what is right because it is right, of giving freely of ourselves and asking only for a place to bury our dead.

Those of us who paid the ultimate cost of Freedom, lain down amongst our bonded brothers and sisters, remembered fondly by those with whom we have served.

I love my country, and if doing so is wrong, I can only imagine what right is.

However, there is a new enemy baring its fangs at us. It has many names, many faces, many apparently disparate goals that coalesce in the shadow of a thinly veiled and corruptive intent.




The Democratic Party is once again showing its colors, by supporting the bid of a confirmed traitor, whose health, mental and otherwise, should be deeply scrutinized and stated to be disqualifiable. She should not be granted the office of the most powerful person on the planet.

I would refuse any order she ever gave me, on pain of death, because it would be the right thing to do.

Hillary Clinton has no excuse for her actions at any point in her professional or political life. She is a shill of the highest order, a puppet of big commerce, who claims to be in full support of people who proclaim themselves to be homosexuals, all the while taking in huge sums of money , which will without doubt, influence policies both foreign and domestic, from countries that freely imprison, maim and execute them for no other reason than that they are homosexuals.

Every day I see or read a news report expounding the virtues of the peaceful and tolerant religion of Islam, usually preceded by some other news channel reporting on yet another bombing, shooting, or trucking by “peaceful” jihadists.

This disturbing trend cannot continue.

I will not be one of those victims reduced to a fine red mist by the incendiary accoutrements hidden beneath a burqa or a thobe. I will not be murdered for my opinions on a religion founded by a senile beastial war-mongering paedophile (piss be upon him).

I am tired of being told that not all Muslims are terrorists, or that only one percent of Muslims are terrorists.

Do you know what one percent of 1.6 billion is?

I do, it’s sixteen million.

Last I checked that is an army.

An army without borders, or scruples, that use children as weapons when they aren’t being utilized as sex slaves.

An army that condones rape, and pillaging on a scale that would make vikings blush.

And again, the Left is nearly silent, while anybody with opinions to the contrary of the party line is promptly labelled a bigot, or a racist, or God forbid, an Islamophobe.

I’m of the mind that when someone or multiple someones’ are trying to kill you or loudly calling for your death for no reason other than the fact that you do not share their beliefs, and that there is no recourse save for that of your violent, bloody, shameful demise because of it, it was only right to be afraid.

I am afraid people.

I am afraid that this amazing experience called America, will fall to the march of history as so many civilizations in the past have.


Napoleonic France.


Reduced to rubble, and side-notes in history books by the inexorable weight of time.

Ozymandias at his worst.

I am afraid of my life being ruined because I deign to disagree with progressive segregationists, third-wave feminists, and other idealogues intent on instilling concepts like Sharia Law, Thought Crime, and Wrongthink.

I will not be a party to it.

Because I am a Patriot.

God Bless America.

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