Ultrashort Bible StudyTip #1: Ask Three Simple Questions

I’ve fallen into the trap.

It made me feel like a better Christian. And a more productive one too. Maybe even a little holier.

But it was foolish. Hasty. Even immature.

What trespass have I committed?

Reading too fast.

But why is that so wrong?

Well, for the same reason swallowing a Ferrero Rocher without savoring it is. It’s downright evil. Chocolate deserves more respect.

So does the Bible.

Here’s what you should do instead:


Those are the fundamental parts of a sentence:

  1. Who refers to the subject that does the action.
  2. What refers to the verb.
  3. Why refers to the object that receives the action.

Ask it of Acts 22:14:

  1. Who? “The God of our Fathers”
  2. What? “Chosen” God has chosen us.
  3. Why? “To know His will, to see the Righteous One, and to hear a voice from His mouth.”

God chooses His people. God chooses His servants. As Christians, we don’t serve because anyone needs us. Or because there are opportunities to serve. We serve because it is His good pleasure. He has chosen us.

This tip will transform your study. The next time you read:



And ask:

Who? What? Why?

Pretty soon you’ll start to see that God is the subject. God is the verb. God is the object.It’s all by Him, through Him, and to Him.

Here’s some practice:

Read Hebrews 3:1. What’s the subject? The Verb? The object? Leave your answers below.

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