Do I need a digital footprint?
Harrison King

Feedback 1# — To Harrison King

I have read your blog and would like to leave some feedback.

Overall you have succeeded in your goal in explaining what a digital footprint is and how it affects us. I also appreciated the reference, picture and use of a positive/negatives list. However, there are three main points I would like to see addressed.

The 1st is proofreading. Read over your blog before publishing to ensure there are no grammatical or punctuation mistakes. Immediately in the second sentence, you can see a stray apostrophe. In your last paragraph, “digital footprint” is written with a capital letter. In the positive/negative part, the “positive” title is written “positive negative”. The wording for, “There is not one digital footprint that is the same!” can be altered slightly as shown in italics. Finally, this sentence, in particular, needs attention as the wording is incoherent, “… becoming a teacher as having a one would show not only the principle and parents of students who I am but also the world.”

The 2nd point is using more paragraphs as to make your blog as a whole easier to read.

The 3rd point is simply using a hyperlink for your reference rather than an academic-style reference. To hyperlink, highlight a phrase or word and click on the chain icon. This then allows you to paste a link to the site referenced.

On top of these are some further suggestions. The positive/negative part could be redone in an aesthetically pleasing table that can be screenshotted and inserted into the blog. If all of these issues were addressed it would do much to improve your blog even more!

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