Learning at University in 2016

I had many preconceptions coming into University about what I’d learn about and how I’d be learning it. I was surprised, to say the least, to see that none of my first semester subjects are directly relevant to my degree (Primary Education). Instead I’m learning about digital communications in one subject and theology in the other. I wasn’t expecting to be learning about global citizens or ethics either because, however interesting it is, I can’t see it being used by myself as a primary teacher post-degree.

This week we learnt about how we can use social media in our professional lives. For example, writing a daily blog can serve as an opportunity to self-reflect in a pseudo-public setting as you have an audience of not only yourself but others following your blog. I’ve even begun tweeting (Follow me at @JDK_Claughton)

Even though it did feel, initially, as if I was forced to use social media for its original purpose (to be “social”), rather than lurking 24/7, it feels now almost liberating to be able to join the discussion by writing a status, comment or simply sharing my opinion whilst always being open-minded towards others.

Until next time readers.