And away we go

Another year, and another blog post. It has been far too long since I last posted, but I had a really busy summer. That is of course no excuse, but still. As the school year begins, so does another run of the innovations class, and also a new roster of students too fill it. It’s odd having new faces in the room, and being the “experienced one” but certainly not unrewarding. I will certainly miss the collaborations with some of the graduates, but they’re off working on their projects and college.

With that said, this year I’ve decided to be much more firm with myself. For the foreseeable future I will be working on learning to code in 3D and then harnessing those skills to make a game in 3D. Should be pretty fun, and while I’m not working on that I’ll be helping some of the newer faces along, or working on some one-day projects as well as connecting with Mrs. Burtnett to see how the letter is getting along, and my contacts in Japan, because frankly they’re just awesome.

Also this year Mr. Wettrick has once again changed up how the class works, so that should be interesting as well. The new system improves greatly upon last year’s two week system, making it more realistic time wise, and allows for more imput from the other students. Though I still feel like we need to have connect/collect mondays. Still, the new system seems to flow better than it’s older counterpart. Espescially since Don decided to have everyone learn how to actually use twitter/youtube/medium/etc, etc, etc really early, and we even have a google calender set up.

So to conclude, this new year is kind of like a fresh start for me, and absolutely one for the class in general. I’m certainly excited for what is to come. Especially excited for all of the other innovation classes springing up across the country, shout out to all of you. Really though, I’m super excited to see what the new year brings.

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