We’re not all mentally ill?

I’m going to rant real quick cause I need too. The world is a fucked up place. I had a client today tell me his sister used to molest him…

This man is 50 years old and is beyond damaged from it. So his niece who’m he was really close with could actually be his daughter…And his sister did everything possible to sabotage the positive relationship he had with her.

By the time he was old enough to tell his parents what she did he had already been in and out of jail 7+ times and had no credibility.

To list this man’s problems/trauma. Molested by sister when he was 11 and she was 19, in jail for 16 years, HIV positive, diabetic, auditory hallucinations, depression, bipolar, ptsd. This man still has hope, vision, and motivation to help himself.

He was dealt a shitty hand but you can’t control the cards you are a dealt. You just have to play them to the best of your ability and extrapolate value. This thought process is part of the reason I’m obsessed with advantage gambling and the psychology around it because of how it is a metaphor for life and how as a whole we need to find better balance between understanding the bad variance of life and feeling sorry for ourselves.

We need to constantly remind ourselves and our peers to always think big picture. If you have stability, good parents, and education you already won life.

A lot of cucks out there crying about micro level shit that is meaningless. If you have good parents and you’re not poor and you got sent to college and you have friends and you have health your life is good. And it can be good without all of those things as well.

If you’re feeling like shit one day and don’t want to get out of bed then don’t. It doesn’t mean you are sick and need help and need psychotropics to function. Take a day or a week or a month. Embrace it, deal with it and move on, grow, focus on yourself and what motivates you. Take every action you need to take to get back to your highest level of functioning.

Get off your anti-depressants and exercise and eat better and do shit that you enjoy and you will be fine, you are not mentally ill.

Putting that label on yourself gives you an excuse for everything negative you feel or experience going forward.

You don’t need to be mentally ill to go to therapy or work on yourself or feel depressed even. Taking action over everything works. Working on yourself works; self-awareness will bring you salvation. Complaining or talking to someone is healthy. It helps us release our negative energy but it doesn’t mean you are sick.

If you know someone who could use some of this perspective give it a share instead of tagging them. If they stumble across it organically it will prob have a greater affect. Much love everyone. Stay up.

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