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“I hate this fu**ing phone. So annoying!”

Growing up, my father would routinely get angry at his phone. At the time, I didn’t understand it. He had a flip phone at the time, and would get visibly angered whenever it rang.

I always thought, “Well if you hate it so much, why do you have one?”

While I seem to have better control over my anger than he did, sometimes I do hate my phone. However, my anger is misplaced. I shouldn’t hate my phone. It is an inanimate, ethically neutral object. Getting mad at it is just silly.


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YouTube has over 2 billion users worldwide.

Of these 2 billion users, they collectively stream over 250 million hours of content on TV, daily.

That’s an average of eight hours of video streaming a day.

Perhaps, you’re a YouTube addict.

You’re not alone.

Searching for “YouTube Addiction” brings up 36,700 results on Google.

What systems can we implement to prevent ourselves from forfeiting up to a third of our life to YouTube?

Enter, digital minimalism.

Digital Minimalism

Digital minimalism is defined as, “A philosophy of technology use in which you focus your online time on a small number of carefully selected and…

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At age 14, I walked into Market Basket (a New England based supermarket), wearing a full suit jacket with matching pants and a tie. At this age, I was socially terrified to wear anything that drew any extra amount of attention to myself. My Dad taught me that “the clothes make the man” and the importance of first impressions. I got the job without ever having to do an interview, simply because of my clothes.

The Market Basket bagger uniform consists of decent pants (my go to was khakis), a white button down dress shirt, tie (I eventually chose to…

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A guide on how to develop your own political opinions.

As an early teenager, I would venture into political threads on Facebook (definitely the wrong place to do this, in hindsight) and leave my two cents on various political subjects. Then I’d wait 2 minutes and there’d be a dogpile of adults in the comments telling me I’m dumb, ignorant, wrong, uneducated, and “just a kid whose opinion doesn’t matter”. I’ve always been a dissenter, it’s in my blood. It can also be taught.

Start from Zero, Never One

  1. Assume that every belief that you currently hold is a lie. Remember The Matrix?
  2. Drop every belief that was never extremely…

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Recently, YouTube has been removing the comment sections from YouTubers and now from every video with children. People are getting pretty angry, and rightly so. Who doesn’t love engaging with others on the internet? Isn’t that the whole point? When centralized services deny this need time after time, huge demand is created for a product that will subvert the power structures that impose this.


Enter Dissenter. Dissenter is both a web app and a browser extension that allows you to comment on any URL on the web without fear of corporate censorship. Check out how it works in full here.

Originally published on 200wordsaday.

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When I was younger, I used to believe that this concept of romantic love was just this sick joke being played on me by all of society. I wanted nothing to do with it and did not understand it.

“Wait, people actually like romance and don’t think its cheesy? “

“They seriously crave a romantic partner?”

Early on I knew I was different or that I existed outside of this romantic love matrix. Naturally, your first instinct would be to think there is something wrong with you, but this didn’t happen to me. …

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Yesterday, I turned in my apartment keycard and left a web development bootcamp in Dallas, Texas and flew all the way back home to Rhode Island.

I tried my best to keep up with the fast paced program but it just wasn’t enough. About 5 months prior, I told my parents that I was going to drop out of college (I hated it from day one, it was really keeping me down, and I truly had no idea why I was there).

They didn’t take me very seriously at first so I just kept saying it and bringing it up…

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