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World Arts and Cultures (Public Art) — Judith F. Baca

~ Notes for Graduate School Application Personal Statements

-my entire undergraduate career has encompassed different aspects of social activism and becoming more socially aware and conscious of many realms that structure our world.

-such as white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy, other hegemonic and oppressive paradigms.

-my activist career has prepared me to delve deeper into my self-identity and has shaped my worldview. my new role as an activist has provided encouragement to view the world’s most convoluted problems in a multi-perspectival approach.

-my major has also provided me with a lot of developmental skills in organizing people around political issues that affect them.

-worked on students’ issues: like bringing awareness about the privatization of public education; social issues like queer issues regarding exclusion/same-sex marriage and inclusion, and global issues bring awareness about AIDS/HIV.

-the next question is how I can incorporate my love of activism and my love of art. I believe I could be the perfect advocate for people who want to express their art forms through resistant and activist approaches.

  • interested in development and envisioning for art projects that present resistant or hegemonic-resistant/counter-hegemonic ideology/political messages.

Talk Circle

244 West 54th Street, New York, NY (Rm # 1203)

facilitate/organized by Mia M. McClain



-what brings you here?

-what do you do in community?

-providing voice to voiceless

-represent communities


-lack of education

-not speaking for people; train self to listen

-affinity towards community

-innovation’ creative avenues

How do you develop our youth?

-what resources do they need?


So many different types of Black, they don’t know how to understand.

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Fred Moten

Harny | UC movement




Journal Cultural Association

1st issue

Manifestos of Student Activism

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