An introduction of sorts.

I perpetually feel out of place at times and always strive for what is yet to come only to realize once I am there, or have it, or whatever the circumstance may be I only consider myself once more to be an outsider drifting from one city, interest, woman, or friend to the next in a cycle of desire, fruition, and loathing.

Fickle as it may sound that does not mean that I do not commit to my current endeavor heartless. I actually care too much at times knowing full well that I will find myself unsatisfied eventually anyway. Destinations are overrated because the journey is what I have always enjoyed the most.

The drive I take on vacation is more fulfilling than ending up in another nameless city eating a tasteless food. The work I put in at my job is better for me than the corner office and extra zero at the end of my salary. The falling in love with another person is more exciting than the having to love her for the rest of my life.

Those moments are filled with potential more rewarding than said reward. The nights spent out on the town debaucherizing never have the same stale taste of regret one has the next morning.

I get high on the ride and only care little for where I end up because I can change all of that at the drop of a hat. Life is nothing more than choice.

For those reasons I took up writing several years ago and after churning out empty notions, poems, and short stories I find myself confident enough now to have started working on my first novel — or novella as the length is starting to tell me. In any case knowing I am never happy with where I end up I should write many more after this.

In closing I ask you to please stay tuned as here I will be submitting excerpts from my work as well as various rants and raves when I feel the need.

Thank you.

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