Congratulations to the NASDAQ Milestone Maker graduates!

Congratulations to 2 members of our Fundraising Sprint Program who are graduating from the NASDAQ Milestone Makers Cohort #2 on Tuesday April 11!

The NASDAQ Entrepreneur Center empowers entrepreneurs to redefine what success means for their business and why. During its first year, the Center supported more than 3,500 entrepreneurs it its first year through 200 programs.

This week, 14 high talent entrepreneurs will graduate for the 2nd cohort of the 12 week Milestone Makers program, where success is measured by traction against one of our four pillars of accomplishments: People, Product, Presence and Profit.

The Sprint 2017 Cohort will hold the Nasdaq Closing Bell and Graduation Ceremony on this Tuesday, 4/11 from 12:00PM — 2:00PM Pacific time. You can watch the Closing Bell Ceremony live at this link.

Meena Sankaran, is the Founder and CEO of Ketos. Ketos helps enhance global health through proactive insights on water with a zero touch deployment of innovative hardware, software and data science.

Meena grew up in India where sufficient clean drinking is a very real challenge. Over 5 million people die of waterborne diseases all around the world every year. After 15+ years of Meena’s technology experience, her vision has been to drive an impact on global health with a unique combination of world class technologies in water, science, IOT and big data analytics to produce profit and purpose with a strong complimentary team.

Meena holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Mumbai. She has worked through several product strategy, innovation and business leadership roles across different organizations including startups (Big Switch Networks, Cumulus Networks) and multinational corporations like Cisco and Bank of America.

Meena is also the Vice Chairman of the Refugee & Immigrant Forum of Santa Clara County and Founder & President of Prerna2Inspire, a humanitarian non-profit focused on empowering the multi-ethnic refugee community in the US on becoming self-sustainable, Founder of the Lean In Circle, (W.IN.S — Women INner Strength) and a Board member of several early stage startups.

Savina Hawkins is the Co-Founder of StatSoup. StatSoup creates artificial intelligence solutions for the music industry. StatSoup’s integrated APIs will deliver a unique business model for musicians, venues, promoters and the entire music value chain.

Saving and her Co-Founder Will are both musicians who are passionate about creating a sustainable future while leading the music industry through its second wave of innovation to leverage big data analytics and artificial intelligence to continue connecting musicians and their fans for deeper, more meaningful experiences.

Savina holds a Masters Degree from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and is a graduate of Stanford University. Savina has worked at Dreamworks, SFX Entertainment and Warner Music Group in Burbank, California.

The Spring 2017 class of Milestone Makers includes:

Anjali Menon Sextant, Georgina Miranda Altitude Seven, Ryan Marshall Syngency, Nina Vir Daily Dress Me, Cheong Ang LucidAct Health, Magali Mathieu Atlas Unlimited Inc., Rajatesh Gudibande GraphWear Technologies Inc., Meena Sankaran Ketos Inc., Jennifer Pattee Basic Training, Peter Wilkins Emergent VR, Savina Hawkins Statsoup, Evin Ollinger Golden, Tsadae Neway Yahshi Bakes, Grace Leung Shing Startwise Inc.

The NASDAQ Entrepreneur Center empowers entrepreneurs to redefine what success means for their business and why. To learn more about the Center and its programs, visit their website here.

SmartMoney Startups is a series of workshops, webinars, AMA sessions (Ask Me Anything), office hours and easy to use templates that help entrepreneurs conduct fundraising campaigns much more effectively and efficiently. To learn more about SmartMoney Startups and its programs, visit the website here.

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