Where is Product Hunt going?

The best products curated and votes by the audience. Next?

When Product Hunt got to the tech community it became a tsunami of excitement! Angels, VC, PM: everyone loved it.

1-The good and the bad things about peak traffic

You peak up your traffic with PH but what about real value customers and users. What about the following up and the hard work of main ting your audience?

Are they B.PH or A.PH? If they are before what would happen with them. Should we write them an obituary?

2-Is this a small community only of tech people? No diversity? Is it actually a sample of beta testers or just a group of addicted techies?

3-Engagement in a time of tsunamis of content. Conversations, upvotes, discovery

4-Fixing the AppStore? Are you trying to do what the app store couldn’t do? Are you focusing on the discovery (aka products) or in the community?

Design: there are some amazing apps with incredible designs that are buried down in the AppStore.

Functionality: some of the functionality of the apps has being integrated into the phone. This is obvious that will disappear and be forgotten. But what happen with those that are actually good

5-What is the long term strategy? Hard core users but scalable? Growth?

How big can you grow if the curation is hand-made. How much traffica can you create when the funnel doesn’t get bigger.

6-Monetization strategy? Where is the premium value? What happened with the talent discovery?t

When you curate for the best apps you are curating also the best talent

Note: I wrote this in 2015, and now PH is part of Angelist. The reason to publish is to understand what has happened and where was my thought process blinded.