The paradigm shift in opportunity

I recently had a debate with my Grandad. He explained how he believes that there is no opportunity left in the world and it is harder than ever to get a job. Now there is some truth to this, I don't dispute that, there are plenty of graduates coming out of university struggling to find a job.

Now I respect my Grandad, but I think he is completely wrong.

There is a whole new set of opportunity’s starting to present themselves. Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat at the age of 24 he became a billionaire worth an estimated $1.5 Billion. With examples such as this I wonder how people are so cynical about the world we live in. 40% of the population have access to the internet. Which in my terms means 40% of the world have the power to do and learn virtually anything they want. Want to learn how to make your dog look like a tiger? You can! Want to learn how to knit a breast, you can! More seriously, want to learn how to manage, command, manipulate and query data stored in SQL databases, here you go! The ability to learn on the internet is vast and perhaps even better than learning through formal means. Just recently a 15 year old kid managed to hack talk talk, that’s right a 15 year old outsmarting graduated technical engineers at talk talk. Where do you think he learned to this the internet of course!

Bringing this back to my original debate with the rise of the internet and freedom of information you can learn and create anything, the career opportunity as a result of that are great. I find it fascinating that people are still under the influence that there is little opportunity.

It just begs the question what the fuck are people doing? I wake up anxious that I am missing opportunity’s to learn, create amazing things and meet amazing people. Or in the words of Lil Dick — “I wake up and try to best myself”. But yet I see people around me with such a pessimistic laid-back attitude. I mean seriously, imagine where the world would be if people realized and acted on this golden opportunity our generation has!

I am aware this isn't the most structured talk. To be brutally honest I suck as writing, which is the reason I want to start to write. If you are generally interested in this kind of thing and want to hear what I really have to say, add me on Skype: jdeepee. I could talk for hours on it, I'm more of a vocal guy.

Feedback is appreciated.

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