JDelite Athletes — Season Review 2014/15

Sunday 15th March 2015.

With everyone’s respective season coming to an end. Here is an official review over the past season, Looking at the JDelite Athletes that have excelled and improved throughout their campaigns.

  1. Ben Ealey-Newman — Slough Jets NIHL

Ben was the first athlete last-season to work with me in the race to pre-season excellence. Looking to step up from his rookie season in the NIHL. Ben’s video work is included in the JDelite Athlete series, You can find the videos titled “Explosive Power Hockey Workout” and “Progression Of A Pullup” HERE & HERE.

Ben this season has exceeded expectations. Still in his final year of Junior hockey with Slough. The 18yr old has racked up 11 goals and 17 assists. A total of 28pts in just 15 games. This alongside a string of points in NIHL cup games, and junior hockey has meant Ben has really made the most of his ice this year. His 1.86pts per game average has helped Slough Jets win the eastern conference both undefeated and with games to spare. With 3 games remaining at this point of writing. Best of luck to Ben on what has clearly been his landmark season.

Ben breaks into NIHL hockey.

2. Nick Alley — Lee Valley Lions NIHL.

Nick has had personal assistance from JDelite Training practically all season, And he is actually a teammate of mine. Nick came to me personally about trying to take his game to the next level this season and breakthrough his previous barriers. Half-way through the season Nick recieved a personalised workout plan through JDelite Training. Which in his own words “Increased performance massively and my only regret is not coming to Joe sooner” You can see the full testimonial on the JDelite Facebook by clicking HERE.

At the beginning of the year Nick was battling to beat his previous season tally of 12pts in 20games. Before joining the JDelite ranks Nick had only registered goals against the bottom placed team Invicta Mustangs. But has since gone on to become the teams top point scorer, netting a whopping 11 goals and 11 assists in 16 games. With just one game left to play this season, Nick is on target for his 2nd highest ever points tally in Senior hockey, And highest even within the NIHL. Good job Nick!

Nick going the extra mile this season.

3. Joe Edwards — Oxford Stars

Joe was another athlete who got in contact mid-season regarding his off-ice training. Looking to gain a physical edge and utilize the time he was spending in the gym. Joe has had an impressive season with a recently promoted Oxford Stars in the NIHL South 1 Division. Arguable the biggest jump in standard going from the NIHL 1/2, Joe has been a vital part of the Stars team as they look to maintain there division 1 status. Keeping largely the same squad, the Stars are currently in the midst of the biggest relegation battle the league has seen in years. At this time of writing the Stars sit 3pts clear with just 2 games remaining.

Despite the testing step up into the NIHL1, Joe has managed 17 goals and 14 assists in 30 games. His highest ever in 8 seasons of Senior Hockey, spanning over 4 leagues. Well done Joe and keep the good form up leading to the pivotal relegation race this month.

Joe’s goals crucial if Stars are to remain a division 1 team.

4. Tom Whitaker — UK Moutain Biking Competitor.

Not to make this all about hockey, Tom has been a resounding success this off-season. Tom started with JDelite training in the summer of 2014 looking to gain one-to-one training in order for him to gain more power and explosiveness on the bike. Tom who is a natural in the saddle last season found himself being pushed back from the finish line due to be lighter and less powerful then his elite competitors. Nearly 10 months later, Tom has surpassed his ideal weight of 80kg (Currently weighing in around 82kg, With the view to drop the excess 2kg in body fat). Making him not only the heaviest he has ever been, But also the strongest.

Tom had no prior experience with compound training. So we started from the absolute basics. Within months of heavy weight training, Strict dieting, and supplementation provided through Boditronics. Tom stacks up some impressive numbers including 100kg Front Squats WITH an eccentric pause for maximum effect for explosive power, Which you can see HERE. Tom’s season starts this weekend with a race in South Wales, And allthough we recently encountered a hiccup with Tom breaking a rib or two around a month back. This is undoubtedly going to be his strongest season on the bike yet! Looking forward to it!

Tom is the strongest he’s EVER been!

Hope you all enjoyed this read! There has been several other JDelite Athlete’s who i havent been able to mention. But whether its online coaching or personal sessions. All of my Athletes this year have had the potential to break through there boundries! And long may it continue…

Within a few weeks i will be preparing a review of my JDelite Athletes to watch for the 2015/2016 season. As i’m currently taking on people for the off-season in preparation. If your interested in seeing what JDelite Training can offer you! Get in touch via the contact info at the bottom!



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