Thunder Weekly Preview

With the NBA season starting this week, millions of fans around the world are on edge after yet another wild offseason. DWade and Lebron have reunited. CP3 was sent to Houston. However, out of all the offseason moves, the most exciting, for me personally, was Oklahoma City’s acquisition of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony.

I love the Thunder. LOVE.

Last year was very different compared to the previous ten in Oklahoma City’s young franchise history. One individual, that shall remain nameless, parted ways with the Thunder for the Golden State Warriors with hopes of winning an NBA title.

That’s the nice way of putting it. Trust me.

Consequently, Russell Westbrook was left on a team lacking talent, forcing him to step up time and time again.

But not all was bad. In fact, the season was very exciting at times. With Russell Westbrook leading the league in scoring, averaging a triple double, and winning the MVP, there were signs of hope for the future.

Fast forward to now, Thursday, October 19th 2017.

Today, the Thunder are facing the New York Knicks in a season opener that will feature our two new additions: Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. Russell Westbrook has signed a five year, $205 million dollar deal and appears to stay for the long haul.

With this being said, I am excited to begin a new series in my blog that will last throughout the entirety of the Thunder’s season: Thunder Weekly.

Each and every Sunday I will be reviewing what happened the week prior including each game, any significant updates, and the Thunder’s NBA power ranking.

This year is different. Thunder Up.