We Believe You

3 min readOct 8, 2017


Dear Survivors,

First and foremost, know that you are not alone.

Sexual assault is the most underreported crime in our country, does not discriminate, and it goes way beyond the college campus. This issue impacts us all whether we realize it or not, and it is truly on each of us to protect not just each other but also future generations of women, children, and men who can live with less fear because of the steps we take today. If we want to be the generations that end sexual assault, we sincerely need your help —

Organizations like #ItsOnUs and #EndRapeOnCampus have done excellent work raising awareness and calling out institutions which do nothing to help end rape culture. JDoe wants to take this powerful message and go a step further. Through JDoe, you can fundamentally change the way sexual assault, rape, and harassment is currently handled. Together, we can show the world that we will not stay quiet, and we will not be victims to blame or pity. Together, we can build a clear, unified path to justice that starts with the small actions you take to speak out against sexual assault. #TogetherWeAreLoud.

The Truth is that the real world fails survivors, not just academic and judicial institutions. We live in a world where only about 10% of these types of crimes go reported. It is crucial we reassess the world we want to live in, and more importantly, the actions we must take in order tot get there. Survivors should not be afraid or ashamed to report their attack. People should all feel empowered to.

We here at JDoe have a proposed solution to our real world problem — one which can be tackled at scale through technology.

JDoe is Simple, Secure & Anonymous Sexual Assault Reporting | Getty Images

Anonymous reporting isn’t a new concept, but a concept that most of us are not comfortable with. Namely, many people do not trust the “anonymity” of these reports. Furthermore, trying to find support from both the judicial and police community can be incredibly daunting, especially if you are a victim, and especially if you feel that reporting the assault may not get you the help and justice you deserve. This is precisely why we built what we built: an end-to-end encrypted platform for discrete crime reporting.

With JDoe, justice is in your hands. By crowd-sourcing reports which you submit, we can identify and reveal repeat offenders faster than anyone. Furthermore, JDoe allows world class lawyers with experience in helping victims receive justice to view anonymous reports and take on cases, with the consent of the reporter, that would have flown under the radar otherwise. Instead of struggling to find a lawyer willing to help, JDoe connects you to a community of law firms who are already committed to being there for you if you want to pursue action.

Technology today has the capacity to unify a billion people with a single goal — at JDoe, that goal is to generate a community full of emotional support and practical strength for survivors. No one has the right to say yes when you say no, and we at JDoe want to help hold these perpetrators accountable.

Join us in standing up for what’s right, arm in arm with our communities and fellow survivors. We must support each other, we must believe in each other, but most importantly we must continue to let the world know — we believe you, and you are not alone.

Yours Truly,

Ryan M. Soscia / Founder & CEO

For more information about JDoe, or to find out what you can do to help, please visit us at www.JDoe.io




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