What’s Vulnerable!? ….You Letting Them Know Your Fears…

Them Seeing You In Tears..

It’s Like Their Holding A Basket Tallying Up You Sayin’ What’s Wrong Each Time They Ask It.

Praying Things Never End Tragic

Or Maybe I Do… !?

Like Romeo & Juliet, & Remember What Happened To Those Two!?

They Died With Each Other On Their Mental

I Guess What I’m Trying To Say Is Girl, You’re Just As Special..

Naw Definitely More.

I Miss You Responding To ‘Mi Amor’

But I Ask Again…

What’s Vulnerable!?…..Feelings Uncontrollable..

Who Do You Console To!?

Bein’ There For You When I’m Suppose To.

You Shouldn’t Have To Beg For My Attention…

That Means I’m Slipping, Leaving You Second Guessing

Considering Putting Somebody Else In My Position..

All That Extra Is Irrelevant

I Can’t Keep Forgetting That You’re Delicate.

I’m A Solider For You

& I’ll Guard My Queen By Any Means

Because I’m Vulnerable…

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