Dear Black Woman,

I love you.

Woman, visible from head to breast, with curly hair held in ponytail by a violet band, arms wrapped in one another in presumably a strapless dress. (For Harriet)

you are determined, loving, demanding, curious, gaudy, complex beyond measure, annoying as hell, and everything I could ask for and more.

The gatekeeper of my communities. the hell-raiser. the person that's always challenging me to be better but wont leave my side when i fuck up. I love that you see so much in me.

i hate that i’ll never live up to the man you want me to be.

i try. i don’t forget when i fail you. i don’t forget the emails. i won’t forget the expletives you called me in community gatherings.

i may forget the times you cried expecting me to do more but i’ll never forget the the pain i’ve seen in your eyes

i try to seem as if i’m in control. i always think i know whats best when most of the time you do

We’ve laughed, cried, shrieked in joy, watched Netflix & chilled, flamed each other through texts, argued over politics, chivalry and much more. You are my best friend.

i’ve let you down in many ways

i may be the first black man to let you down; i may be one of many

Woman wearing light make-up, visible from brow to nose, gazing into camera, set on a gray background. (Vukadarkie)

i will never be able to change that

but I pray those tears will never displace the passion in your eyes

you dont need me but I need you.

You are more dynamic than my grasp of the english language can project

u are more than a mother sister niece aunt provider lover caregiver intellect your curves beauty passion and whatever other titles society and i attempt to limit you to

This will not be the last time I write you; I’m sorry it is the first.

dear black woman,

I love you.


Drawing profile of a woman with full lips, thick brows, pierced ear lobe, and braided or locked hair wearing a black turtle-neck on brown background matching her complexion. (Ojo Agi)
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