The Fall of Mankind

Episode 1

“War, war never changes,” this EQUIVOCATE of a phrase has been uttered throughout history. Sit down and let me tell you a story about the real Great War. It was 2077, the ANTEBELLUM of the war and all was fine, until hell rained down from the skies. You see, mankind was running out of resources, and China and the U.S. were in a constant CIRCUMSPECTION. At the beginning of 2077, China took Alaska to get precious oil. The U.S. then retaliated by starting a short war and took back Alaska fairly quickly. Then on November 2, 2077, news reporters were hysterical as people listened in on how a SUPERFLUOUS amount of nuclear warheads had been launched. This was the start of the Great War.

This “war” lasted a whole 37 minutes because of the sheer destruction of the Earth. The ANTECEDENT of the attacks is that the Earth was scorched in invisible fire, and there seemed no way anyone survived. Luckily, the government thought a nuclear holocaust might happen, so they built anti-radiation facilities for people to live in and survive while the world above burns. Though the government did not have that good of intentions. They had the company that made the “Vaults” make it so they were like little experiments on society after the fallout. One vault had it so the hatch to get in wasn’t entirely closed, so the people turned into radiation zombies. You are born 80 years after the bombs dropped. Your mother died in childbirth and your father was destroyed by her death, he raised you in POTHUMOUS. Even your first word was MALAPROPISM and was a funny PREPOSITION. Life was normal and you were a slight INTROVERT, until, your father INTERJECTED against the leader escaped the Vault! You are then woken up by your best friend and are told to grab his gun and get out of the Vault. The guards surround you but luckily your little league days helped you escape. You then run out of the Vault. As you leave the Vault, you see the blinding light of the sun for the first time. As your eyes begin to adjust, you see the destroyed outskirts of a city. Equipped with a pocket knife, a baseball bat, and a BB gun, you set out to find your father and have him answer some questions. As you walk down a road, you hear a robotic voice call to you.


Chapter 2:

A long way from home

“Well howdy!” said a little robot with a cowboy hat on. “Welcome to The Town!”

“The Town?” You ask in a questioning voice.

“Well Howdy!” he repeates, “Welcome to The Town!” You soon deduct that the someone was REMISSED while fixing the robot.

“Helloooo?” No answer. Then, suddenly, the iron gates of the gate in front of you slowly open and a man walks out from the gates.

“What brings you to The Town young traveler?” he asks. He’s wearing what you can only guess is an old duster that was worn before the war. He also is wearing some sort of baseball cap with the insignia “LS” written on it that made him look quite ECCENTRIC. He has a couple bruises and scratches on his arm, so he might be BELLIGERENT. “Hello? You some kind of NEOPHYTE” he says as he waves his hand in front of your face to see if you are a DULLARD.

“M-my dad just ran away from our home. He’s a middle-aged guy with grayish hair. Have you seen him? He is the most IMPORTANT thing in my life.” You ask with a slight tone of desperation.

“Yes, I do remember a man that fits your description coming through not an hour ago. He was in a rush to get into the city to find an “old friend”. He went to the saloon over there and then left.”

“Well, do you know where he went?” you ask quickly.

“I’m sorry, but he just bolted out and towards the city without saying a word.” You start to lose hope, but, just then, you hear a radio in the distance with a familiar voice.

“Welcome back to our show to lighten the mood in our little wasteland! I’m Jack and I have with me a friend from a little place under the ground, his name is Frank!”

“Dad?” You say as you slowly move towards the radio.

“Say Frank, why did you leave your home for this terribly place?”

“Well, I needed to leave so I can make the world a better place for my son.”

“Isn’t that just the nicest thing you ever heard? You know, you should write a BIBLIOGRAPHY. Well that’s all we have have time for and remover, don’t commit MATRICIDE!”

“Well ain’t that a coincidence?” Said the man, but he sounded INCREDULOUS.

“I need to go find him. Do you know if I can get to the station?”

“I do know where the station is and I can help you find it.”

“Are you sure? Don’t you live here?” You ask, but you secretly want him to come, as he seems experienced.

“This place is a dump and is so boring and I’m the only male in a MATRIARCHAL comm nifty and they all hate me. You’d be saving me if I could come along.” He says.

You think for a bit and as soon as you decide you here an explosion in the distance and the sound of gunfire….


Chapter 3:

The storm begins

“What the hell was that!?” He said in a scared voice. “If there’s fighting our defense won’t last long!” He rushed away to where the SYMPHONY of explosions were. You begin to regain your senses and run off to where the man ran off. You see a blaze of fire and women spraying it with water from fire HYDRANTS and fire extinguishers. The man is arguing to what looks like the head of this community. She’s wearing a cowboy hat and a duster. She is also wearing high heels for some reason.

“This is the last time Lucas! You’re putting my women in danger! Their lives are hanging lie a PENDULUM! I should have never allowed you to stay!”

“Sarah I swear I don’t know these men! They’re probably just from the local gang or some kids who set off a MICRO-explosion or-”


“You know what, I’m done! I’m leaving and I’m never coming back so I can get out of your stupid hair!” He then walks over to you “Do you want help or not kid?” He asks in a agitated tone.

“Umm, sure if you really want to.”

“Well, I gotta TRANSFER some stuff from here to the city and I want to EXIT this place.. Great! I guess we’ll be on our way! By the way, what’s your name?”

“My name is Rhys.”

“That a PSEUDONYM? Anyway, my names Lucas. So, do you want to take the tunnels, or the streets?”

“Well, what’s the overall difference?” You say in a quizzical tone.

“Well, the tunnels are a lot bigger, but are safer than the shorter but dangerous streets.”

“Well, let’s take the easy road through the tunnels.”

“Alright, let’s go.”


Chapter 4:

The Eye of the storm

“Please, I need money for my family.” says a corpulent man who isolating tattered clothing.

“Here. I hope this helps” you say in a benevolent tone.

“You’re just wasting your money novice. We’re going to run out of money if you keep giving it away. But hey, that’s my orthodox.” says Lucas.

“Look, it doesn’t matter, as long as we find my father, we’ll be alright.”

“If you say so.” He says.

As you walk you see trash littered everywhere and it reeks of animal corpses, but you’ve got sangfroid, so it doesnt affect you. As you get to the end of the tunnel you’re in, you hear what appears to be a bustling metropolis.

“Woah, what is this place?”

“This, my friend, is Junk Town. A fitting name for a city almost entirely made of garbage and other junk”

As you and Lucas walk down the streets, you hear people whispering and talking about you. It seems that your reputation has reached even the darkest places and you seem popular. Many of the people are wearing vests and patch dresses. You both keep walking and see a man get ejected of a bar.

“C’mon, let’s get out of here,” Lucas says as he runs into a tunnel.

“Wait up!” You yell.

That’s when you see the fire….


Chapter 5:


“Run!” Shouted Lucas and you both sprinted down a tunnel. When you got to the end you heard Lucas say “Oh no”.

“What’s the matter?” You ask him.

“We’re in the Underground.”

“The Underground” you ask

“The Underground is a HYPERBOLE on DEMOCRACY. It’s barely a VIABLE place to live. And, it seems people are RECOGNIZING your ALTRUISM and AMOROUS attitude.”

The GEOMETRY of this place was weird and you have a feeling you saw an ASTROID. The city was huge, but not bustling. Many people were on the streets asking for money.

“We need to find a way through here without getting caught” Lucas says

‘Because that’s totally possible’ you say in your head in a sarcastic tone.

“There!” He points to a grate on the ground besi

“How did you-”

“There’s no time to explain let’s just move!!” He says as he makes a break for the grate. Lucas slides as he approaches it and pulls off the grate as you hear an explosion. “Wait!!” He says as you plunge into the unknown……..

Chapter 6

Down The Rabbit Hole

As you fall down the tunnel, you come to the EGREGIOUS idea that it was higher than you once thought.

“Hello?” You say. No answer “Lucas!” Again, no answer. You then start to think that there is no TANGIBLE bottom to this tunnel. It seems like you’ve been gallon for hours and you begin to think it’s a LUCID dream, you then begin to think about your life as this was your new one, falling down a tunnel forever. You thought about GREGARIOUS you could have been if you would’ve met the people around you, but you always thought that they were all PRIMA DONNAS. Then you think about your father. He was usually STRINGENT, but nevertheless, he still loved you. But he was in an EXCLUSIVE science group and was away for most of the days. And whenever he came home he would show DIATRIBE, and would teach you about his PHILOSOPHY on how good work doesn’t go unnoticed. You then think you shouldn’t have thought about him, as you become depressed on how he’s still missing. You have done all this thinking while falling down a tunnel. You then hear a sound, like a clapping. More like swishing. You then look down and see water. When you land in the water, you realize you can’t feel your legs…..

Wet works

As you hit the water it’s as if you had hit concrete and you fall unconscious. Luckily, you float up so you can breathe. You then open your eyes and everything is dark. You can’t hear the water anymore. You then see a little spotlight showing the entrance to your ACROPOLIS, the vault. You walk through the entrance and see a child crying in a corner as the children around him are being PUGNACIOUS. You decide to interfere but it seems they can’t hear or see you. You then get a look at the crying child’s face. It’s you. Your younger self seems more URBANE than you are now, but definitely less ACRIMONIOUS. He starts to run away and then you remember this day. This was the day your father got fired from his job because of SUPERNUMERARIES and was sent to work at the REPUGNANT NECROPOLIS. He used a DEMAGOGUE until people started electing leaders. He would then FORTIFY himself in a room and try to EXCULPATE himself. He always seemed depressed and that made you feel terrible. All the other kids made fun of you because of your dad’s job. You then see your younger self lock himself in his room and crawl onto the bed and cry himself to sleep. Then everything goes dark. Then, you hear water rushing Nan’s you open yours eyes and feel the pain all over your body. You begin to black out again, but then you see a light up ahead……




As you see the light you cling too consciousness and move every painful mussel to get to it. You then get on the land and you pant and black out for five minutes. When you wake up you realize your leg is an ANOMALY, as it is bent in a weird position. You then start to faint but you decide you won’t get any where with that, so you decide to drag yourself to the light. Once you get to the light, you realize it’s a grate and you push it open to see the grimy world as you left it. You look around and realize you’re in town above people who seem to be worshipping a statue. You then get too curious and fall out of the grate and land in front of the people. As you fade away, you hear people say things about “the chosen one.” When you wake up, you are in a bed and see that your leg is fixed and you can feel it again. The doctors that would come in act like you’re SACROSANCT and that you have RECTITUDE. For the next few days, you’re schedule consists of SEDENTARY checkups. The doctors try to make you laugh so you would feel better, the ability for RISIBILITY. A week passes and you’re let out if the hospital and once you leave, people bombard you with questions when a man who looks like a priest takes you by the arm and takes you too the statue.

“Get off me man!” You say, but as you get closer to the statue, you realize that it looks just like you. “This is really weird,” you say scared and confused.

“Do not be afraid my child. For this is not you, but a version of you that used METAMORPHOSIS to hide. You see, long ago, the men of Earth made fun of him and DERIDE him. He then went to RECTIFY this situation and became a mighty warrior in the army. Although he was a war veteran, the bullies still made fun of him until, he couldn’t take it and let out a VOCIFEROUSLY cry. He then murderded them and buried their bodies. When the police came, he had a little too much EQUANIMITY and the cops arrested on the spot. He was then sentenced to death but mysteriously escaped the night before the execution.”

“What was his name?” You ask.

“His name was..”