Day 11: Get a Pair?

Princess Purgery Presents…a Pair of…Bath Balls. I have no idea where these came from but I am never going to use them and I can’t bring myself to regift them. I’m guessing one of my daughters got them as a birthday present or purchased them from a cosmetics store at the mall (not that either of them actually takes baths anymore). I can certainly kill plenty of time sniffing and testing out lotions at the Body Shop, but, I’ve been cautious about scented bath suds and soaps since I had an allergic reaction to Mr. Bubble as a kid. Can you picture that bright pink and blue box that made bathtime so much fun? I’m convinced the original Mr. Bubble was some heavy duty detergent just repackaged and marketed to children. And bath bombs? I’m suspicious of any cosmetic products made in China. No toxic untested, unlabeled chemicals for me.

So, bombs away! These babies are going to the dump.