Day 9: Sayonara (Again)

So, I’m only a little more than a week into my New Year’s Resolution — to purge something each day and document it on its way out the door. So far, it’s been fairly easy. Although I have to admit that I can just as easily rationalize saving something for that someday when I just might have a use for it. Here’s what’s next on the ta-ta list:

I love languages. I’m sure if I had been born in Europe, I’d be fluent in a handful of languages like most Europeans are by necessity and by choice. Instead, I’m like most Americans — only fluent in English and comfortable but limited in Spanish.

Let me admit: I will never learn Japanese. I will never even try. I will probably never visit Japan. My bucket list is to visit countries where Spanish is spoken or experience places that have successfully embraced a form of democratic socialism.

Instead of spending 10 minutes a day trying to learn Japanese, I’ll spend that time purging things I’ll never need, and writing about them. Like this book.