MDM Game 2 Golden Axe

Cutting-edge action…

Twitch gameplay broadcast archived at:

Given what happened with Altered Beast (see the previous entry for my frustration), it was pleasant to be able to switch games midstream and play something I was a little more familiar with. Of course, Golden Axe is by no means any easier than Altered Beast, and why should it be; it’s another arcade port masquerading on a console.

The good news is, there are more options available here. You can increase your life meter to 5 blocks instead of 3 (though I’m still not entirely sure how it functions given some attacks wiped me out whilst others appeared to do nothing), and there are two gameplay settings for the main game: Arcade and Beginner. Naturally, I shunned the latter and dove straight into Arcade mode, and oh my the nostalgia! *This* is what I started #MegaDriveMarathon for!

But of course… I died. A lot. But I felt far happier about it compared to Altered Beast. Yes, some of the collision boxes and enemy reactions were way off (at one point I was unable to shoulder barge into an enemy and stopped right in front of him, to then be smashed in the face by his club), but the learning curve was a little more friendly. Enemies are colour-coded according to their power and health, which gives you chance to learn some of their movement patterns and prepare accordingly, but then they ramp up the numbers on screen and before you know it you’re overwhelmed, everything you think you’ve learnt is for nothing.

Look at these shiny people, totally oblivious to the beast behind them…

Case in point with what I think is the first major boss in the game — The AI got stuck in a loop where the boss kept trying to launch the same attack whilst I ran at it and interrupted it, only for a skeleton to get in the way and mess up the rhythm. A similar thing happened with no other enemies to get in the way, and I was killed cheaply by the boss using a new attack after nine or ten attempts of the first. That was my last life too, and my last continue. I fear this is going to be a running theme.

MDM Rating: Bronze Not Gold