How Bots, Twitter, and Hackers Pushed Trump to the Finish Line
Andrew Zaleski

The 2016 presidential election campaigns were a mix of the new and the old. The Trump campaign’s use of Twitter and chatbots, the Sanders campaign’s use of Hustle: these are new. Much else was old:

• phishing and spear phishing, for instance, which have been going on for years — and which much of the country, presumably now excluding John Podesta, is probably still ignorant of;

• Trump’s apparent avoidance of computers;

• and Clinton’s overall unease with personal technology — her distaste for anything so complicated as multiple email accounts was reportedly the reason for her combining business and personal messages in one account during her time as Secretary of State.

The two major-party candidates were themselves, if you don’t want to call them old, not exactly young. Clinton is 69, Trump 70. I wonder how many elections will go by before we have candidates who are comfortable with the technology that’s been transforming the work and the lives of most of us since the 80s.