A Response to the Talia Jane Dust-up

I’ve drafted a few ways to respond to the Talia Jane dust-up because I think career satisfaction will become one of the most pressing issues as the work world continues to evolve. I didn’t publish any of them because I too default too easily to assumptions and wanting to tell people the “better way” to handle it.

I wanted to call certain people out because they used someone else’s suffering to swipe a broad brush over their own insecurities.

I wanted to talk about how assumptions, labels, and poor listening skills get in the way of just fucking keeping a dialogue open. I thought, “Will anybody really listen?”

I wanted to point out that this issue runs much deeper than where someone lives for work or how someone chooses to address a work issue.

Beyond all of the labels and biases that let us take the easy way out, it comes down to giving a simple shit about your fellow man or woman.

One word of encouragement or advice cannot be that hard.

The night before I stumbled upon the Talia Jane clusterfuck here on Medium, I found this in my recommended reading-

I think we move forward by trying a little harder to bring Demetra’s subway ride to our interactions on Medium and elsewhere someone shares a personal struggle.

Do you choose to swipe left or right, or do you try to listen?

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