The Future Is Near: 13 Design Predictions for 2017
Chase Buckley

Agreed on the weather front. The traditional approach seems to have settled in on what it thinks works, but it really doesn’t.

As a bit of a weather-weenie myself, I’ve been following a few semi-pro meteorologists online for many years. If severe weather is in the offing, I go to their Twitter and Facebook accounts to be more informed instead of relying on the mass-media weather outlets. In the last year, a few of these meteorologists and hobbyists have released apps that provide hyper-local forecasting and reporting.

I use a blend of their information to proactively prepare. Preparation will be key as climate change continues.

The best find lately for my region is @crankyweatherguy on Twitter. He does not even offer forecasting. His tweets are the closest thing to telling a story about upcoming weather events. I’ve learned more from following him for a couple of months than years of following other mets.

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