Sometimes I want to be brutally honest,

More than a want,it's a need that courses through

A need which I suppress

And keep caged within the acceptable Confines of my mind space

Pulling on the reigns

Since It is widely looked down upon in this age

But hell,it is bloody needed!

I may be biased as this need keeps

Gnawing at me

Begging to be set free,

Set free upon the pompous asshole in his Blissful ignorance;

The person stuck,stagnant,complaining, Blaming everyone

Except the one truly at fault,

Which more than likely is himself.

My tongue itches

My finger twitches in anticipation of the depression of the trigger

Which releases the hammer–

Ejecting the bullet of truth,

In an effort to evict ignorance and untruth

And to uproot the weeds which tarnish society.

The core has to be struck,

For frankly, that is the only way it can die

And we can hopefully say good riddance

To the plagues which ail human kind.