Review: “The Eclectic File of Abstract Poetry” by Marcus L. McCrary

A collection that is both clever and subtle, with irony and humor (“I’m Not Stevie”), sometimes tinged with pain, but it is the pain and fear we all feel as we both seek and reject connection (“Your Morse Code”) and assess our lives in the abstract. The poetry bounces you around like a fast ride on a country road (“Flips and sips”), some verses move past you so quickly that only in reflection do you realize where you’ve been. The mystical quality of “When you know,” with lines like “you have his mark in the lines of your hands” is juxtaposed by the mundane in “Mindsick Bitches,” a more literal walk in the park that gives you a double-take. The Eclectic File of Abstract Poetry succeeds in evoking a powerful and lyrical imagery of life’s twists and turns.

In my mind

In my mind I live this life of love
With u.
But in reality you’re nowhere to be found
I sit and laugh as I read some old emails
From June
Waiting for this dream to come true
Hoping that I hear your sound soon
Your melody
Wade in your stream
Living this life
Loving with