How much does it cost to create a mobile app?

Once you decide to develop a mobile app, you will have a question “How much does it cost?”

We have prepared an article, where you will find the approximate costs for the development of a mobile app. Start reading now!

In order to understand the cost of an app development, you need to know what can influence the final price.

Let’s deep in the development costs

There are a number of factors which influence the price of a mobile application development:







There are different types of applications, you can choose from. Your decision will affect the cost of an application.

Native App

While developing native apps you will need to make applications for Android and iOS separately using different programming languages. For Android, developers will use Java and Kotin, for iOS — Swift or Objective C. Take into account, the development of an Android app will take 20% of the time more than iOS.

Web App

In fact, this type is not originally a mobile app. A user doesn’t need to install it, just use a link to enter. This type is mobile friendly, applies to a variety of screen sizes and is the cheapest variant.

Hybrid App

Hybrid applications are built in a similar way as websites are. They both use HTML, CSS and Javascript. With the features of development, applications can access the hardware capabilities of the device.

Cross-Platform App

With the help of cross-platform you will build a mobile app using one language that can be transformed into a native code across multiple platforms. For a lot of apps, this type will be a good choice, not looking at a better performance with a native type.


There are two most popular platforms for mobile applications: iOS and Android. Platforms have a large number of users and it will be ideal to launch an app on for both of them.

Android is forecasted to account for 85 percent of all smartphone users in 2020.

But iOS users spend more money on apps and have a higher engagement in media and mobile shopping. It’s up to you which platform to choose, take into account your target audience to ensure downloads.


The price of an app development is not limited, everything will depend on the features and functionality you add to your app.

An app may have user accounts, chats, may add search, geo, push notifications and others. The development of all the features takes time and, of course, money.


The design is one of the key triggers that catch users attention. It’s more likely, that between the app with better design and the app with better functionality, the user will choose the first one. To implement a good design you’ll need a UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) designer. The part of their work takes a lot of time and money.


The level of complexity influence the number of hours to be spent on the development.

Simple apps usually are made for one platform. It takes near 300 hours to develop such an application. There are few screens, data and actions which users can do.

Apps, which require a conditional-average number of development hours usually include creating an API, admin panel, and simple backend. Creation the application for one of the platforms requires from 600 to 1200 hours of the development.

Apps, which require a lot of costs. They may have a large amount of content and screens, including real-time synchronization, a large number of custom animations, integration with several services. The development takes from 2000 hours.


A team is one of the key factors, which you need to take into consideration while building an app and calculating the costs. One hour of developer located in North America costs up to $250 when in India maximum rate will be no more than $75.

Outsourcing reduces the costs significantly. Eastern Europe countries are known for their competitive rates and high quality of services. The price of the development in Eastern Europe varies from $20–60 per hour.

Such factors as a number of working hours, price for one working hour of the developer, costs after release and those, which are not included in the development (detailing of requirements+analytics, design, testing, management) contribute to the final cost for an app as well.


The development costs for an app can vary from $6000 to $500 000 — everything depends on a number of factors. Before starting the application development, identify key features and technologies.

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